Oct 31, 2008

Obama not born in U.S.A.

He Admits to being from Krypton
if your wondering about Voting


With the elections just around the corner I just wanted to remind ya'll to vote! cough*Obama*cough

Oct 29, 2008

The Cipher (Ace Hood x Juelz Santana x Fabolous x Jadakiss)

Had to post this cause my dude FAB GOES INNNNNN!!

Video: T.I. ft. Rihanna - Live Your Life

Not a regular Clifford "Tip" Harrison video. Kind of reminds me of the movie he starred in "ATL" with the whole first person narration concept at the beginning of the video.


Ian Wright used paper scraps and money to compose the cover of T.I.’s “Paper Trail”

The Real Guitar Hero's

For all you Guitar Hero Die Hards! You ain't the only ones.
A-Rod, Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps and Kobe are with you on this one.

Oct 28, 2008

Inquiring Mind Buyers Buyble

Here's a look at the latest Buyers Buyble from the good people over at Inqmnd. The dopest Buyers Buyble yet if you ask me. I can see my savings diminishing every time I turn the page.
If they only had a store that carried all of these pieces.....I would be in heaven.

Shout out to the homie Andrew over @ Ransom for styling the complete Buyble, very good look.

Inqmnd Buyers Buyble

A REAL Camera Phone

A First for the world, an 8.1 megapixel cameraphone
Features Exilim image engine, 6-axis vibration compensation, a 28mm-equivalent lens and face recognition as well as a Japanese-English translator.

Its good to see a company that actually put the camera first is not slated for North American release.

Oct 24, 2008

Pop Rosé

New Trey Songs and Drake
Some arent old enough to drink if you can might as well be the best there is

Oct 16, 2008

New Fade?

Fade's Away

How often do you get a new track from a Legend?
If you don't know Sauks (http://www.myspace.com/saukrates)
I advise you to stop sleeping and start peeping.
He's been on Tour with Nelly Furtado, done songs with Common and signed with Redman

Also featured is Mr. Thank Me Later him self Drake and Reign.

Here's a classic joint

Shout out to my Girl Miss Moy for this one

I Never Sleep Cause Sleep is the Cousin of Death

Nas said it and you shouldn't sleep Ether.
Check out our hometown hero(Shaun Boothe) as he laces a verse Nas style
The Unauthorized Bio Of Bob Marley

My good friend

So I'm walking down the hall heading towards my english class and my good friend Chantle comes up to me and tells me she has a interview with Jeezy.
My first response is Jeezy who?
Then I remember I'm talking to Chantle Beeso and not one of my regular peers
(Chantle has an internship at Urbanology Magazine and writes for HipHopCanada, Connect the Dot , Urbanology and also manages to find time to work own Magazine)

Peep her most recent article Here

Oct 15, 2008

Ice Cream 2008 Fall/Winter Boots

I've been looking for a dope pair of boots for quite some time now and I think I've finally found them. I had my eye on some good'ol RedWings, but I decided to hold off on them until I came across something more visually pleasing. Definitely not what were accustom to seeing from the IceCream camp but a good look in my books. These joints will set you back $442

Oct 13, 2008

Swagger Jackers?

Urban Dictonary Defines a Swagger Jacker as :

a swagger jacker is a person that takes someone else's ideas and claim's them to be his/or hers.

with that said..

TBG Shipped these jeans last fall 2007 and has produced them for 3 seasons since

LRG Put out The Eternal Life Jeans this Fall ..

what do y'all think?

Oct 8, 2008

And the Leafs still won't win.

While on my morning stroll stopped by dundas square, head phones on and noticed everyone and their grandmother looking towards the sky. It was crazy people were frantic, one man screamed it's a bird, another screamed it's a plane then i looked to my amazement it was just two guys playing hockey on a smirnoff vodka billboard. Just some random sh*t you'll see while walking through the city.

Oct 6, 2008

Etiquette for a Wired World

Read this article the other day in my english class, definitely sparked up a debate amongst my classmate's and I. Thought it would be a topic of intrest.....enjoy.

Etiquette for a wired world - Robert Cribb

From cell phones to call-waiting, we're techno-boors

You're sitting in your office speaking with a colleague when the telephone rings. Your visitor stops mid-sentence and waits for a sign from you, some split-second gesture, a shift of the eye or movement of the hand that hints at the appropriate protocol.

Do you abort your conversation and pick up, or wave the call off to voice mail? Choose carefully.

The wired, always-in-touch, information overload '90s have created what some technology watchers say is an expanding social etiquette vacuum.

We are techno-boors, they say, adopting high-tech gadgetry without a corresponding code of conduct. We're always accessible but never free, dismissing each other with press of a button like switching channels on a television. And it's making us less courteous and more isolated.

"We haven't yet worked out the community practices, the acceptable behaviour, the rules of the game,'' says Liss Jeffrey, associate director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto. "We've shifted without coming up with the civil rules to give us livable ways to construct our lives. It's more serious than we understand. These are the building blocks of our community.''

Never before have so many technological advancements impinged so much on our social conventions.

Remember when it was considered improper to answer the telephone during dinner? Or how about the days when you either got a human being or a busy signal when you dialed seven digits.

Reach back to the ancient days, five years ago, when thank-you notes were written on paper.

The blisteringly fast-paced development of communications technology has made such simplicity quaint.

Even teens are supplementing the family telephone with constantly ringing, beeping and vibrating cell phones and pagers. The old busy signal is all but defunct in the new world of multiple "call-management'' features.

"We haven't yet worked out the community practices, the acceptable behaviour, the rules of the game."
- Liss Jeffrey
Associate director of McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology

And e-mail has now surpassed the paper and ink version by volume.

But in adopting all of that high-tech advancement, experts say we've shed our sense of decorum and propriety.

Our common techno-etiquette offences including leaving long, rambling voice mail messages, ignoring e-mails for days, leaving cell phones on to ring in public places, sending e-mails to people who sit a few feet away from us, and perhaps the most controversial electronic etiquette offence, using call waiting.

"It's like someone glancing over your shoulder at a cocktail party in case there's someone else more interesting than you to talk with,'' says Grant McCracken, a cultural anthropologist in Toronto specializing in popular culture.

Michel Blondeau, special projects director for Toronto software developer Digital Renaissance, used to have call-waiting. Not anymore.

"It's disruptive. If I'm on the telephone with someone and I'm put on call-waiting, I will hang up. I'm an important person. I'm the centre of my universe. Call me when you have the 10 minutes to talk.''

Audrey Glassman, an etiquette expert and author of Can I Fax a Thank You Note? tars call-waiting with this spirited pejorative: "It is a technology invented almost solely to be rude. It turns phone calls into a popularity contest. It's profoundly unprofessional.''

And yet, we love it.

First launched in 1991, the ubiquitous phone service is one of the most popular features in North America, says Karen Hyponen, a Bell Canada spokesperson.

But despite all the call juggling we're doing, it's nearly impossible to get through the day without being forwarded into at least one voice mail system.

And if you spend time analyzing voice mail messages, you'll understand the etiquette offences of that technology.

Here's a hint: At the tone, be brief.

"It takes a long time for people to get to the point,'' says Elizabeth Ferrarini, a communications consultant who teaches business communication at Northeastern University in Boston. "Messages are very circuitous. It's incredibly annoying.''

When we stop talking and start typing, inverse tendencies seem to emerge. E-mail tends to be curt and reactive, missing the kind of human touch - facial expressions, vocal timbre - that make communication productive, says Blondeau.

"(The Internet is) a very cold medium. Gone are the days when we thought about what we were saying. When you're getting 80 messages a day you need to respond to, it doesn't allow you to move to critical analysis.''

It's a broken kind of communication. Ask three questions in an e-mail, for example, and you may well get only one answer, prompting more messaging and growing frustration.

Sit on an e-mail too long before responding (more than a day or two) and you risk giving the impression you are ignoring people.

"People's tolerance for delay has gotten much shorter because e-mail has created the possibility of instant response,'' says Paul Levinson, a communications professor at New York's Fordham University and author of The Soft Edge: A Natural History and Future of the Information Revolution.

"People are operating on different conceptions of etiquette. One person treats e-mail as a conventional letter and doesn't respond right away and the sender sees it as rude.''

So what about that ringing phone that interrupted your conversation?

Experts say just let it go.

"The person in your office is the priority,'' says Ferrarini. "They've taken the time to be there. Be polite.''

But even if you already know that interrupting your guest to take a phone call is impolite, chances are you will probably pick up anyway. And you'll leave that cell phone on to ring in the movie theatre and interrupt the next phone conversation you have in order to take another call.

"It's like someone glancing over your shoulder at a cocktail party in case there's someone else more interesting than you to talk with."
- Grant McCracken
Cultural anthropologist

And the reason? Human nature, says Levinson, and the way technology tantalizes our inherent sense of mystery and optimism.

"All of us have these parts of our lives, these unfulfilled dreams, and a ringing phone offers that promise of fulfilment because we don't know who is on the other end,'' says Levinson.

"Even though 99 times out of 100 it is someone trying to sell you car insurance, all of those disappointments can't extinguish the hope that whoever is calling might be that long lost love or that great job offer - someone who will scratch one of our itches.''

Feel free to comment

Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche to me translates into "lots of walking".
I Checked it out last night, seemed more like a scene from a horror flick then an Art Expose but I did Enjoy City Hall Pong/Tetris i managed to capture this.

this is normal city hall for those who dont know T.O.

pics of the night

then my batterys died
"Batteries are dramatic objects. Other things stop working or they break, but batteries ... they die."-Dimitri Martin

Sample this Pt 2

So The Sample sale Went really Well Yesterday(shouts to Snkr Box) Your Boy T Showed up he was in line like a Commoner
Shouts To GDFT and all the HypeBeasts in Line

Crazy Deals

Dj Spinning

our Boy C-Fresh was There

shouts out to everyone who came through
and if you missed it check back for more info on the next one

Oct 5, 2008

Random Day @ Offshoot with 2/3 of Tomorrow's Fresh

Video cut's out before we could finish so here is what was left.

Terrence's Vlog - #1


Oct 1, 2008

Young Jeezy - The Recession

Just copped this album last week, hands down one of my favorites for the year.

Notables: By The Way, Crazy World, Amazin, Word Play, Vacation, Don't Know You, Who Dat, Put On, My President and my personal fav "Dont Do It"

01. The Recession (Intro)

02. Welcome Back

03. By The Way

04. Crazy World

05. What They Want

06. Amazin’

07. Hustlaz Ambition

08. Who Dat

09. Don’t Know You

10. Circulate

11. Word Play

12. Vacation

13. Everything feat. Anthony Hamilton & Lil Boosie

14. Takin’ It There feat. Trey Songz

15. Don’t Do It

16. Put On feat. Kanye West

17. Get Allot

18. My President feat. NaS