Dec 20, 2008

Coldest Winter Ever?

Ransom x Carhartt - Thermal Underwear. Probably the most essential piece of my wardrobe at this time of the year other than my Goose. $40 for each (sold separately)


Dec 17, 2008

Charles Hamilton: Brooklyn Girls

Ok, I was doing promo for the sample sale the other day with my dude Safari, and then the iPod was doing what it does best bumping out tracks. Then the Charles Hamilton mixtape started to bump, I told safari that I thought dude was kind of odd with the whole Sonic the Hedgehog obsession, but on the microphone he held it down. Also Recently I started taking in more of dude’s tracks and thought they were kind of hot, young Sonic holds it down lyrically and flows on par, so it only makes sense for me to put a spotlight on dude and post his new track titled "Brooklyn girls", that claims “there aint nothing like a Brooklyn girl”. But i beg to differ because I believe is “there aint nothing like Toronto girl”
, straight.

Charles Hamilton recently signed to Interscope Records, and in recent news conflicts with him and fellow interscope label mate Souljah Boy have flared. Charles voiced some comments during an interview concerning his "Beef" with his 18 year old label mate:
"This has got to be a dream come true for someone whose lyrical capabilities are that of a Blackberry without a battery, SIM card or buttons to push. And I TOTALLY respect his money-makin' hustle."

Dec 16, 2008

Coldest winter

I walk out side and i have come to realize its Goose Season
and coincidentally
i came across this video one of my favorites off 808&Heartbreak

Extremely well done for a fan video

Dec 10, 2008

10 deep Holiday/Goodfoot sale

10 Deep holiday dropped one of my favorite lines
two looks that stood out to me are below

and check the HDFT sample sale this saturday

Dec 7, 2008

Ransom S/S 09 Lookbook

Styled and directed by Jesar and Oliver. Photographed by Will Nugyen.

Dec 3, 2008

Drake x Kanye West - "Say You Will" Remix

Gotta be one of my favorites rappers out right now lyrically. Never ceases to amaze me the way he puts his rhymes together, dude is on a whole other planet right now and the fact that he's reppin Toronto just makes it that much sweeter. Another one for the books.

Drake - Say Whats Real

Derrick Rose On Andre Miller

Dear Andre Miller,

Derrick Rose is smarter your average bear, AY YOGI!!!!

Wale Nike Boots

when i first heard of Wale nearly 3 years ago i knew what to think
here is something rare a dope artist
i downloaded 100 miles and running and have been on the bandwagon since '06

Dec 1, 2008

Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard

Track to be featured on the Notorious Soundtrack

Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard
(Produced By Mr.Love Lockdown)