Dec 21, 2010

Cause You missed out

"You Don't Know What this shit is, you Ain't never seen this shit"

Nov 23, 2010

Pac-Man/Inception mashup

Pac-Man/Inception mashup: "

Pac-Man/Inception mashup by Robert Penny, now available to buy as posters, here...(Read...)


California Dreamin'

Nov 11, 2010


Last Leaf

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

so much pressure i wonder if they'll ever make a regular video.

Nov 10, 2010

Packed house

Footage from the Opera house show check it out.

Oct 7, 2010

Northern Lights Mixtape Release Party

October 8th, 2010 @ THE OPERA HOUSE
735 Queen St E
Toronto, ON
...M4M 1H1

The Official "Northern Lights Mixtape" Release Party

T. City
Tre Leji

DJ sets by Bridge & Law (TIFF OPENING DJ)

Advanced Tickets $20
$25 Tickets @ the door

THIS EVENT IS ALL AGES with 19+ VIP / Industry Balcony
Valid Government ID is required if you want to drink

Expect giveaways being thrown from the stage like it's ur bday

^ thats all you need to know, its practically sold out if your home for the holiday's or you live in Toronto you should be there. very few local artist's have the ability to sell out The Opera House this is some what monumental, BE THERE.

Jun 1, 2010

Dante Leon

This Kid's got next first mixtape from Dante Leon expect a lot more in the near future.
download or take a listen below.


dat Piff

Apr 12, 2010

Drake Over Video

I hope they document what I'm becoming

Apr 6, 2010

Mar 17, 2010

Feb 24, 2010

Feb 22, 2010

45 years later

a lot has changed in 45 years a lot has stayed the same.

Feb 19, 2010


as of late i've been in the studio with true vets watching and learning.
just know what ever comes of this is the future.
check back for more updates on this

Feb 18, 2010


my friend City put me on this song today.
growing up in the dipset era i have a level of repect for Juelz and im starting to get into new comer yelawolf. This song has been getting consistant spins over here.

Bonus: inspired by this

Feb 12, 2010

fast get-away

i can't believe Colbert got away with this.
i wonder how many GOP staffers lost their job due to this.

Feb 10, 2010

They Remince over Ye

They Reminisce Over Ye from jeff on Vimeo.

hip hop misses ye as demonstrated by Its the real (who were also missed)
Kanye changed hip hop and fashion i doubt either of the two would be in their current states with out him

Feb 8, 2010

Waving Flag (world cup)

a classic K'naan track i had the opportunity to go to his concert at the beginning of the year he is truly amazing.
congratulations on having the official world cup song.

We Gon go

amazing video from Kardi a local legend

reminded me of kanyes Through the wire one of my favorite rap videos

spotted at 1 love

Feb 4, 2010

i miss 05

things have changed drastically in 5 years

Feb 2, 2010

Jan 13, 2010

Vote Tomorrow

delayed because of the Disaster in Hati

Jan 9, 2010

Recently downloaded 2 mixtapes

The first being
First Space Kit on the moon by kit knows

and the second

by Rich hil who happens to be the son of Tommy Hilfiger

i never owned any tommy hilfiger partly cause i didnt enjoy the look
and also because of this Commercial from Bamboozled

I See Through Clothed eyes

New years eve off a bottle of Goose lost my i pod touch.
thanks to the magic of computers i managed to recover some of my verse's which were stored in notes with that said im quite thankful.

“Lost some of my hottest verse's down at Cabo / So if you find a Blackberry with the sides scroll / Sell that mothafucker to any rapper that I know / Cause they need it much more than I ever will.”