Jan 13, 2010

Vote Tomorrow

delayed because of the Disaster in Hati

Jan 9, 2010

Recently downloaded 2 mixtapes

The first being
First Space Kit on the moon by kit knows

and the second

by Rich hil who happens to be the son of Tommy Hilfiger

i never owned any tommy hilfiger partly cause i didnt enjoy the look
and also because of this Commercial from Bamboozled

I See Through Clothed eyes

New years eve off a bottle of Goose lost my i pod touch.
thanks to the magic of computers i managed to recover some of my verse's which were stored in notes with that said im quite thankful.

“Lost some of my hottest verse's down at Cabo / So if you find a Blackberry with the sides scroll / Sell that mothafucker to any rapper that I know / Cause they need it much more than I ever will.”